Stellar Decisis

The Space Court Foundation is funded by our second program a YouTube space law series run by producer John Michael Godier on his self-titled channel in conjunction with the educational organization Enterprise in Space led by Shawn Case. As of December 2018, John Michael Godier has produced over 300 episodes and currently has over 130,000 subscribers between his two channels. Together, we are producing ten, one hour episodes keyed to space law themes like space resources, crime, law of armed conflict, immigration, employment, and sovereignty. We will also produce two specials, one celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings and one covering the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition and the IAC in Washington, DC. The title of the show is Stellar Decisis.

The premise of the show is that in the near future there is sufficient activity in space such that countries have created a separate permanent court to handle all claims arising from space activities. There are three courts we will introduce in the series: State against State, private against private, and mixed claims arbitration.

Each one hour episode contains a host introduction, an ‘argued case’ before the court, a panel of experts to discuss the episode’s theme and ‘argued case’, and concluding remarks. We are currently in production and post-production is scheduled to conclude in April 2019. The series will be released soon thereafter in instalments through year’s end.